anyone in montreal!!! can please recommend a good, reliable hairdresser. It has been a nightmare since I moved here I have gone to so many places trying to find someone that actually follow my instructions. The last time like a month ago I cut my hair and it was a total horrible, not only the girl totally butch my… » 6/08/12 11:25pm 6/08/12 11:25pm

I know it has nothing to do with this article and I am sorry in advance but I just had this insane quesadillas with chicken, cheese and mushrooms all in a blue corn tortilla! YEAH!! now I can marry myself.... » 6/04/12 12:47pm 6/04/12 12:47pm

well, it is always nice to ask how he likes it first, that might give you and idea, also you can ask him to direct you a bit. I am pretty sure that he will appreciate this, and you-ll feel less preasure and do not worry the first time is always awkard. I am still figuring out how my boyfriend likes it (I amalways… » 6/03/12 7:05pm 6/03/12 7:05pm

Ok, so I am a 23 years old latina that have been living in Canada with my parents for about 3 years now (after a traumatic run away from my country, rush, just pick what you can carry thing). Just after arriving here I got in a deep depression, that I actually haven't get over yet, but still working on it...anyways. » 6/02/12 8:35pm 6/02/12 8:35pm